Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summertime Fun

I know that I probably post WAY to many shots of Syd playing in the water but we do live in Florida and it's like 100 degrees here almost daily in the summer so we play in the pool/sprinklers or go to the beach pretty often. Plus Syd just always gives me the best expressions when playing in the water which I love because half of the time, I can't get her to look at the camera anymore. Did anyone else have that problem when your child was around two? If I tell her 'don't look at the camera', then half of the time she will, so that's the trick I'm using right now.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Moma Style: Baby Shower

My good friend Debbie of Dark Horse, recently had her 'Tea Party' baby shower. I can't believe her little girl is gonna be here in a matter of weeks! We had so much fun telling her funny baby stories and giving her advice on what she can look forward to. She is gonna be an amazing Mom.

Of course, we had to look cute! I also can not stress enough how much I love this dress, it has that cute retro look to it but it's comfy and washes up well. Plus the color is like cotton candy!
Dress: Land's End Canvas (it's on sale!)
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Ross
Wedges: Land's End
Isn't Debbie so flippin' adorable?

A little girl HAS to have some Hello Kitty in her wardrobe.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Moma Loves: Olliegraphic

I wanna talk about how flippin' cute this plate and print turned out that I ordered for Sydney from Olliegraphic. I think I saw a groupon for them but by the time I found it, the offer had expired but I stumbled over to the site to check them out anyway. Behold the cuteness I found! You can order customized plates, growth charts, prints, bowls, etc. It was super easy to order and I got everything within a week. Plus, the plate is really high quality and washes up well and Syd loved eating off of her own face! Head over to Olliegraphic and check them out!

I am in no way affiliated with Olliegraphic, I just think there stuff is awesome!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Man, this 2 year old age is so much fun! Sydney started tumbling class a few weeks ago and she absolutely loves it. She asks me every day if she can go, 'do tumbling'. Unfortunately, the last class is next week until it starts back up again in August and I think I'm going to enroll her in dance classes then too. I decided to try the tumbling first to see if see liked it and would listen/follow directions and she has done great, so I'm thinking that I see a cute pink tutu and tap shoes in our future.

I seriously LOVE this picture. Look at that hand on her hip and that smile!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Iceland in Pictures

The hubs and I went to Iceland for a week in May and it was spectacular. This is just a fraction of the photos I took, I think there were about 850 total. You can look at my Flickr stream for more if you like. To anyone thinking of going to Iceland....GO, it's amazing.


Icelandic Horse

Snowmobiling (we crashed!)

The Blue Lagoon


Piece of Iceberg

Gulfoss Falls


Viking Sculpture

Hot Dog

Glacier Lagoon

Halgrimmskirkja Church

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Missing In Action...

Hey, remember me? I'm still kickin', I have just severely neglected the blog for about a month now. This picture explains one week of my absence.....we went to Iceland! It was amazingly beautiful but chilly. We got lucky and flew home the night before the volcano erupted. Talk about dodging a bullet there, especially since Sydney didn't go with us, I would've hated to get trapped over there for another week before getting to see my child. It was hard enough to go a week without her...thank goodness for Skype!

Anyway, that combined with the end of the school year and I have been overwhelmed and stressed out which resulted in my online absence. I have lots to share with you and will try my best to bring the blog up to speed this week. I missed you guys!