Friday, October 28, 2011

Instagram Friday

It's Friday! Yippee! Hope you all had a great week, we had a lot of crafting and Halloween related activities going on in our house.

Pumpkin Hunting
Beginning of the Owl wreath
Little Pumpkin for Syd
Peek at Syd's costume

Bike riding in style
Reading outside=love
Hello blue eyes
BEST invention ever!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What We Wore Wednesday

So this outfit was from last Friday but I never got around to posting it and it's the only outfit pic I've taken all week. With my new job, I have to leave for work a lot earlier in the morning than I used to so I usually run out of time for pictures!

On Moma, Whole Outfit: Target
(I love these suede wedges, they are so comfy!)
On Sydney, Top: Wal-Mart
Pants & Shoes: Target

I just wanted to throw these in for cuteness factor! She was so excited when she found that dandelion in the yard and she told me that she had to blow it and make a wish. I'm pretty certain she doesn't understand the concept of a wish yet but it was cute anyway!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crafting: Owl Wreath

A friend and I made these wreaths yesterday for a couple of hours. It's based off of a kit from Paper Source but we changed up the colors a bit. I think they turned out really cute but during the process, I lost feeling in one finger tip and the skin off of my middle knuckle! So worth it.
You could easily make this without the kit templates. (We only had one kit and then we made up another one using the enclosed templates as a base.) All you need is to cut out a large and small flower and a leaf shape to use as templates. The exhaustive part is cutting out all of the flowers, there are 4 large and 4 small stacked on top of one another in EACH flower on the wreath. So you need to cut out about roughly 100 flowers. You only need to cut out 12 leaves. Once you get all the flowers cut out, you use a bone folder to curl up the edges of each petal and then we used a dot roller to stick each flower together. You then attach each flower to the wreath form and then attach the leaves. (We used double sided tape.) Then you cut out the owl and his parts for the center and affix it to the back of the wreath form. (We used a stiff cardboard wreath form.)

Mr. Owl

Flower details

Friday, October 21, 2011

Instagram Friday

Happy Friday! We are looking forward to a busy weekend of crafting, friends, the fair and pumpkin carving. My main goal this weekend is to start and finish Sydney's Halloween costume...Moma is kinda running behind schedule since Halloween is next weekend!

Syd & I at the Mother's breakfast at school
Future rhythmic gymnast?
Blowing bubbles

Felt leaf garland
Fluffy clouds
Syd's behind that mask somewhere
Now she's a pirate, argh!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pinterest Love

Some Pinterest Faves this week....

Ron Swanson wisdom....priceless!

Obsessed with The Civil Wars...loving this cover of Billie Jean.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

I think I will be making these Smore cookies ASAP.

I want these booties...get outta my dreams and into my closet.

We need this for our Beatles loving house. (Seriously, even Sydney sings Yellow Submarine at least once a day now.)

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Bird print dress...yes, please!

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wedding Fun

Last weekend we attended the wedding of two amazing people, our friends Vic & Betsy. We went to college with Vic (go Seminoles!) and we have come to love Betsy over the years. They are actually Sydney's godparents so we were very excited for them to finally get hitched! Ed was in the wedding as a groomsman and I watched from the sidelines as Betsy got her dream wedding. I got teary eyed many times during the ceremony just watching the way they looked at each other. Ahh, love!

The wedding was about 2 hours away in the middle of the country (well at least for Florida) and it was beautiful and so much fun. They had a rustic, country chic theme going on and I loved everything about it! Above is the bride and grooms table at the reception...I love that the table is a old door.
Vic handmade all of the table centerpieces out of scrap wood he found on the side of the road.
The cake was amazing and how cute are the cake stands!
I am a country girl at heart so drinking sweet tea out of a Mason jar took me back to my childhood in Kentucky. (I also got to bring a case of these babies home...I see a craft project in the future.)
Adorable favors!

The hubs and I, this was my 'give me some love' face. And of course I wore an Anthropologie dress, I just didn't get a full body shot.