Monday, February 27, 2012

Simple Toddler Craft

 Sydney is really into making crafts lately and she insisted on doing some crafting the other day so I decided to go the simple route and have her make this cute little tree.

 I grabbed a few supplies...scissors, 2 punch out shapes (flower & leaf), a pencil, a glue stick and some construction paper.
 I started by cutting out the tree shape and she helped me punch out the leaves and flowers from orange and red construction paper.
 She then began to glue the leaves and flowers to the tree while I cut out the tree trunk.
 We finished by gluing the tree to the trunk and adding a little owl hole. 
Simple, easy and she loved the punching and gluing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear UPS

See how quickly their emotions change? Scary. 

Dear UPS workers,

So sorry that you had to witness the EPIC meltdown that my adorable toddler insisted on having in your store. Who'd have known that requesting that she simply ask politely for a sucker would cause such mayhem to ensue. While I'm sure it was horrible to be subjected to piercing screams and writhing about on the floor, believe me when I say that I was the one truly in emotional distress. Seriously, is there anything more embarrassing? Also, not sure if you noticed that after I drug my child from your establishment, we spent another 20 minutes trapped inside the car in your parking lot while she continued her tantrum. You see, toddlers have this crazy super strength and I was unable to hold her down enough to get her safely buckled into her car seat. I think I may also have permanent hearing damage from the amount of little girl screams that my ears were subjected to. On a funny note, after we arrived home (finally), she still was delusional enough to think that she was actually gonna get a sucker from me!

An embarrassed Mom

P.S. I think this article is on to something. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Instagram Friday

Happy Friday! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day! We ate treats and had a quiet dinner at home. 
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.....excited to have Monday off! Yippee! 
Valentine's Day cupcakes.
Being silly decorating cards.
Treats from the hubby.
Someone loves me!

Where's Sydney?
Penny Lane sunbathing.
I just liked the pattern here.
Sleepy girl. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pinterest Love

Raise your hand if you're a 'tiny' bit obsessed with Pinterest and all its amazingness. I seriously need a support group BUT it is a great source for inspiration when it comes to well, everything. Here are a few of my recent favs:
 I want those chairs.
 Need to make something similar for Sydney.
 Is it March 23rd yet? This picture is killing me.
 I dunno, depend on the day. Yes.
 I want to go to there.
 I really need some pink pants. Now.
Sydney is marshmallow obsessed lately. These look yummy.

Are you on Pinterest yet?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Our weekend: Family Farm Day

Sydney's school had a Family Farm Day this weekend and Sydney got to ride a horse for the first time. Doesn't she look so serious? She chickened out the first time that we waited in line but then another little boy told her it was fun and that the horses go 'real slow' so she decided to give it a go.I was a little nervous but she did well.
Apparently, my kid is quite the outlaw.
Just chillin' on some hay. We were all covered in hay, like hay was in places it shouldn't have been. 
 This was during the hayride in which the horses actually came into the trailer and took the hay right out of your hand. The hubs kept saying, 'let go Sydney', in a very frantic tone. Also, a horse licked my arm, yeck!
 This guy on the left is killing me with that face!