Friday, December 23, 2011

Instagram Friday

 Christmas is in two days. Seriously? I am sooooo behind this year. I have presents I still haven't mailed and things I still have to buy. I hope you've done better than me. I guess it's the thought right, like I thought I would have things mailed on time. Does that count? I didn't think so. 
Well, Happy Friday!
 Little owl skirt I made for Sydney.
Kermit gets a ride.
Sleepy girl.
Christmas sparkle shoes!
Elfie having a spot of tea.
Elfie solving a puzzle.
Elfie sneaking a candy cane.
Elfie snacking on a cookie.

Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY: Montessori Pink Tower Ornament

The Montessori Method holds a special place in my heart and I truly believe it is the most amazing education that I can (thankfully) provide for my daughter. She currently attends Montessori school in the Toddler classroom and I also am lucky enough to work at the same school. I like to actually make something for her teachers that she can also have a hand in creating so this year we decided to construct little Pink Tower ornaments. To me, the Pink Tower is kind of like the Montessori mascot. 
The one I kept for myself. 
First, I picked up some pink craft paint, 3 different sizes of wooden blocks, and some twine. I got all of these supplies from Michaels. 
Sydney then painted each block pink. I think we put two coats on each block. 
The final blocks; I made 5 ornaments total. After all of the blocks were dry, I glued them together with tacky glue and then hot glued the piece of twine to the top. I wrote 'Made by Sydney 2011' on the bottom of each one. 

The finished product on our tree. This is an easy project if you have any 'Montessorians' in your life. Her teachers and my boss LOVED them. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Instagram Friday

Okay time, slow down....the weeks are really flying by! Just lots of holiday activities going on around here, decorating, baking, crafting, singing, etc. Sydney is really into the Christmas songs this year, it's so cute to hear her sing Jingle Bells. Also, anything that is decorated like Christmas (anywhere we go) she has to talk about how beautiful it is really loudly. It's pretty awesome. Toddlers are fun.
Dapper dog headed to the Holiday Pet Parade
Actually keeping a headband on
Off-roading in her VW
At school

Tea Party time
She insisted on all those bows together
Pipe cleaner garland
Painting on coffee filters

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! The weather here in Florida is still bi-polar, cool one day and hot the next so that's been super fun. {-----Sarcasm. I guess I shouldn't complain seeing as how the north is gonna be getting a crap-load of snow this week. Sorry northerners!

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Old Navy
Belt: Target
Boots: Ross
I love pulling out my boots, I always feel very kick-ass when I wear them. That combined with leopard print and I'm unstoppable.

Shirt: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Anthropologie
Flats: Wal-Mart
Necklace: Old Navy
Can I just say that I used to be a stripe snob but now I LOVE them, it's like a neutral. Also, I got this necklace at Old Navy and they have some seriously cute jewelry lately. Yeah for cheap bling!

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