Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY: Montessori Pink Tower Ornament

The Montessori Method holds a special place in my heart and I truly believe it is the most amazing education that I can (thankfully) provide for my daughter. She currently attends Montessori school in the Toddler classroom and I also am lucky enough to work at the same school. I like to actually make something for her teachers that she can also have a hand in creating so this year we decided to construct little Pink Tower ornaments. To me, the Pink Tower is kind of like the Montessori mascot. 
The one I kept for myself. 
First, I picked up some pink craft paint, 3 different sizes of wooden blocks, and some twine. I got all of these supplies from Michaels. 
Sydney then painted each block pink. I think we put two coats on each block. 
The final blocks; I made 5 ornaments total. After all of the blocks were dry, I glued them together with tacky glue and then hot glued the piece of twine to the top. I wrote 'Made by Sydney 2011' on the bottom of each one. 

The finished product on our tree. This is an easy project if you have any 'Montessorians' in your life. Her teachers and my boss LOVED them. 


  1. Hi. I just want to stop by and tell you what a cute blog you have. I also want to send my daughter to a montessori school when the time comes.

  2. This is BRILLIANT! I am sooooo swiping this idea and making a bunch for the staff. (I will, of course, tell them where I found the idea,)

    Thank you!!!!