Saturday, May 19, 2012

Do the Loco-motion

Sydney had her first dance recital today. All of the songs were from the 1980's (love!) so Sydney danced to 'The Loco-Motion'. All of the girls did a great job but most of them did freeze up at one point or another. Sydney kept looking at the ground and not at her teacher so she missed a few steps but she did awesome. She was very proud of herself and so were we. My little tiny dancer!

Can you handle the cuteness? Gah.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Instagram Friday: Camping

Camping for Mother's Day is a tradition that my Mom and I & my best friend and her Mom have done for years when we were younger but then I had Sydney and my best friend moved far away and we haven't been camping together in about 4 years. Well this year my bestie flew home and we all went on a one night camping trip! It was Sydney's first time camping and she loved it. I think her favorite part was watching all the animals, i.e. bunnies, bird, and squirrels. The trip was a success except for the failed geocaching experience (epic fail) and the aggressive raccoon we encountered so I think I see another campout in our future.

 Playing mini golf at the campground.
Lounging in her fox chair.
Our sunprint craft.
Sitting by the tent singing to wake everyone up.
Drinking Yoohoo in style.
Trying a S'more for the first time. 
Outdoor cooking.
Roasting a marshmallow for s'mores.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Moma Style & A New Do

I haven't done a Moma Style post in FOREVER! I always forget to take pictures in the morning and by the end of the day when I get home, I'm like blah, forget it, I just wanna be in my comfy clothes. So I wrangled the hubs to take a few shots for me. Also, you may notice that I cut about 5 inches or so off my hair and I LOVE it! It's so easy to fix in the mornings now and it's easy to style with my naturally curly hair.

The lowdown:
Everything I'm wearing is from Target.
Target is awesome. The end.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day: Toddler Friendly DIY

This Mother's Day project is simple, quick, and toddler friendly. Sydney and I made these to give to both of her Grandma's and I think they will love it.

Supplies Needed:
Construction paper and tissue paper
Mod Podge and/or any medium gel
Hole puncher and ribbon/string
Glass vase (we got ours a Wal-Mart)
Pipe cleaners (we used green)
Cardstock & printed poem
Dull knife or letter opener

 First we traced Sydney's hand-print on 4 different colors of construction paper.
 I then folded them in half and cut them out so that I got 2 prints from each color.
 We then took our polka dot tissue paper and tore it into little strips.
 We then covered the vase with mod podge using a paintbrush. (This was Syd's favorite part.)
 We then adhered the pieces of tissue paper to the vase and then mod podged over it again when we were done. (The vase needs to dry overnight.)
 Here is the poem that I tied to the vase using a piece of purple raffia. (I got the poem from one of the teachers at my school.)
 Then you fold each hand-print around a green pipe cleaner and staple it into place at the bottom.
 Then take a dull knife or letter opener and curl the edges down to give the fingers a petal effect. (I used a butter knife.)
 When you're done, your Mom or Grandma will have a wonderful, thoughtful gift that they can keep forever. Easy Peasey!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Weekend - Festival Time

This weekend our town (Amelia Island, FL) held their annual Shrimp Festival celebration and Sydney was finally old enough this year to really enjoy the kids activities and it was her first time seeing the fireworks. She had a blast! I just love watching her eyes fill with wonder and amazement every time she experiences something new. She was so funny giving high fives to all of the inflatable characters (example - the Geico gecko) and telling all the Pirates, 'Argh Matey', so they would give her a beaded necklace. (Pirates are our town mascot here.) It was so hot but we had a great time as a family and enjoyed my favorite part...all the yummy shrimp!

I took my I phone since lugging around my Nikon was not a option:
 1. Sydney rockin' her Hello Kitty tattoo. (and awesome shades!)
2. Enjoying the view from Daddy's shoulders.
3. Fireworks time!
4. Pony ride. She got upset with me because I wouldn't let her hug it.
1. My little pirate.
2. Beautiful sunset at the harbor. 
3. The Georgia Aquarium had an exhibit with horseshoe crabs.
4. Sydney met a mermaid.