Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day: Toddler Friendly DIY

This Mother's Day project is simple, quick, and toddler friendly. Sydney and I made these to give to both of her Grandma's and I think they will love it.

Supplies Needed:
Construction paper and tissue paper
Mod Podge and/or any medium gel
Hole puncher and ribbon/string
Glass vase (we got ours a Wal-Mart)
Pipe cleaners (we used green)
Cardstock & printed poem
Dull knife or letter opener

 First we traced Sydney's hand-print on 4 different colors of construction paper.
 I then folded them in half and cut them out so that I got 2 prints from each color.
 We then took our polka dot tissue paper and tore it into little strips.
 We then covered the vase with mod podge using a paintbrush. (This was Syd's favorite part.)
 We then adhered the pieces of tissue paper to the vase and then mod podged over it again when we were done. (The vase needs to dry overnight.)
 Here is the poem that I tied to the vase using a piece of purple raffia. (I got the poem from one of the teachers at my school.)
 Then you fold each hand-print around a green pipe cleaner and staple it into place at the bottom.
 Then take a dull knife or letter opener and curl the edges down to give the fingers a petal effect. (I used a butter knife.)
 When you're done, your Mom or Grandma will have a wonderful, thoughtful gift that they can keep forever. Easy Peasey!

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  1. This is such a great, unique idea. :)