Friday, May 18, 2012

Instagram Friday: Camping

Camping for Mother's Day is a tradition that my Mom and I & my best friend and her Mom have done for years when we were younger but then I had Sydney and my best friend moved far away and we haven't been camping together in about 4 years. Well this year my bestie flew home and we all went on a one night camping trip! It was Sydney's first time camping and she loved it. I think her favorite part was watching all the animals, i.e. bunnies, bird, and squirrels. The trip was a success except for the failed geocaching experience (epic fail) and the aggressive raccoon we encountered so I think I see another campout in our future.

 Playing mini golf at the campground.
Lounging in her fox chair.
Our sunprint craft.
Sitting by the tent singing to wake everyone up.
Drinking Yoohoo in style.
Trying a S'more for the first time. 
Outdoor cooking.
Roasting a marshmallow for s'mores.

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