Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear UPS

See how quickly their emotions change? Scary. 

Dear UPS workers,

So sorry that you had to witness the EPIC meltdown that my adorable toddler insisted on having in your store. Who'd have known that requesting that she simply ask politely for a sucker would cause such mayhem to ensue. While I'm sure it was horrible to be subjected to piercing screams and writhing about on the floor, believe me when I say that I was the one truly in emotional distress. Seriously, is there anything more embarrassing? Also, not sure if you noticed that after I drug my child from your establishment, we spent another 20 minutes trapped inside the car in your parking lot while she continued her tantrum. You see, toddlers have this crazy super strength and I was unable to hold her down enough to get her safely buckled into her car seat. I think I may also have permanent hearing damage from the amount of little girl screams that my ears were subjected to. On a funny note, after we arrived home (finally), she still was delusional enough to think that she was actually gonna get a sucker from me!

An embarrassed Mom

P.S. I think this babble.com article is on to something. 


  1. Oh, Sara, I most whole-heartedly sympathize with you. It's seriously the worst thing ever, when they do this. We've all been there. Hang in there, lady!