Friday, October 7, 2011

Wedding Fun

Last weekend we attended the wedding of two amazing people, our friends Vic & Betsy. We went to college with Vic (go Seminoles!) and we have come to love Betsy over the years. They are actually Sydney's godparents so we were very excited for them to finally get hitched! Ed was in the wedding as a groomsman and I watched from the sidelines as Betsy got her dream wedding. I got teary eyed many times during the ceremony just watching the way they looked at each other. Ahh, love!

The wedding was about 2 hours away in the middle of the country (well at least for Florida) and it was beautiful and so much fun. They had a rustic, country chic theme going on and I loved everything about it! Above is the bride and grooms table at the reception...I love that the table is a old door.
Vic handmade all of the table centerpieces out of scrap wood he found on the side of the road.
The cake was amazing and how cute are the cake stands!
I am a country girl at heart so drinking sweet tea out of a Mason jar took me back to my childhood in Kentucky. (I also got to bring a case of these babies home...I see a craft project in the future.)
Adorable favors!

The hubs and I, this was my 'give me some love' face. And of course I wore an Anthropologie dress, I just didn't get a full body shot.

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