Monday, June 28, 2010

Anthropologie Reviews

This past Saturday, Debbie and I headed over to our local Anthropologie to scope out the new arrivals and try on some clothes that were on our wishlists. Hope you enjoy the reviews and don't forget to check out Debbie's blog, Dark Horse, for more reviews!

This was my OOTD, I almost didn't post this picture cause my chest looks freakishly huge here and I'm standing all slumped over but this was at the end of the shopping trip and I was tired and hot, so that's my excuse. The top is from Target, the skirt from Anthropologie (via ebay) and the shoes are Born. I'll tell you the purchases that are in that lovely bag later.

Lost Time Skirt, $118 (size 14)
This skirt was the highlight of our trip! We kept trying on things and saying, 'the clock skirt is still my favorite'! We both loved it but the price was just to much so hopefully they will still have it in our sizes come sale time. You can't appreciate all of the detailing on this skirt online, it is a slightly textured fabric and the details on the clocks are all embroidered. The sizing was a little off for us, I had to size up and Debbie had to size down!

Secret Treasure Dress, $118 (size L)
So Debbie and I have been excitedly waiting for this dress to hit our store and sadly we were both disappointed. The sizing was really strange, we were both in between sizes. The XL was to big on me under the arms and in the chest and the L fit under the arms but was way to snug in the chest. (The little buttons kept popping open!) I really wanted to love this dress but it just didn't happen.

Tiny Windows Dress, $118 (size 14)
Last time we went to Anthro, I tried on this dress in the 12 and it wouldn't even button so this time around, I sized up to the 14 hoping it would work cause I was planning on buying this dress for myself for my upcoming birthday. Alas, my size 36DD chest was not made for this dress, the buttons were still gaping a little on the 14. I was so disappointed! Otherwise, I love everything about this dress and the color is amazing.

Obscured Flora Dress, $128 (size L)
I will admit that online, I totally overlooked this dress but when I saw it in the store I had to try it on. I will say that I loved it and added to my wishlist. The cut is very flattering and the material is nice and cool for the hot weather. Plus, it has pockets! Love! Can't wait for this to go on sale.

Two-Wheeler Shirtdress, $128 (size 12)
As you can probably tell from the picture, this dress runs huge! I normally wear a size 12 and it was hanging off of me. I would probably need a 10 or even an 8 in this but our store didn't have those sizes. (Debbie said when she tried it on she had to size down 2 sizes too.) I was excited about this dress too and though it is adorable, I would really need the correct size to really give it two thumbs up.

Shifting Feathers Dress, $98 (size L)
This dress is lovely, the material is sooooo soft and the colors are dreamy. I kinda wish I had bought it now but I will try to wait for sale time. I tried on a large but I would need to size down to a medium because it was kinda big under the arm area. I highly recommend this item!!!

Perilla Dress, $128 (size L)
I tried on this dress in the navy because beige looks awful on me and I love anything navy. The dress was really comfortable and I thought it was flattering (but low cut) but I'm not so crazy about the horizontal stripes on me. For a teeny tiny woman, I could see it working but not for me. I wishlisted it for a sale as a maybe.

Traced Twirls Dress, $158 (size 12)
One word describes this dress: perfect! I wasn't even going to try this on when one of the SA's pointed it out to me and I thought I'd give it a try. I am so glad I did because it is magical. I can see now why everyone in the Anthro community has been lusting over it. The fit was amazing and I couldn't stop twirling around in the dressing room. This dress makes you want to dance. Debbie and I were calling it the 'Cha Cha' dress, like the one Cha Cha wears in Grease for the dance competition. I so wish I could have bought this on the spot but I will patiently wait for a sale and cross my fingers that I can figure out somewhere to wear it!

I would love to hear your feedback and if you own any of these items. I will have some more reviews for you later in the week from our trip. Oh, I ended up buying the Climbing Cowlneck in pink, the Unscripted Scoopneck in blue, the At First Sight Jacket and the Miss to Ms. Posts in silver (sold out online).


  1. Great Reviews! Isn't is so fun to go try on new things at Anthro? I love it. My favorites on you are the Obsecured Flora dress, Shifting Feathers Dress, and the Traced Twirls Dress. I really like your outfit from you trip. Very cute!

  2. I agree with Lori, the Obscured Flora Dress Looks great on you! It is super flattering.. you should definitely pick it up :)

    The last dress was wonderful too..

    looks like you guys had fun

  3. I don't own ANY of these, but the Tiny Windows, parilla and Traced Twirls are on my wishlist....and I LOVE the Traced Twirls dress on you. OMG- it looks cute on everyone who's tried it on i think. MUST. have. it! LOL

  4. Yay, the Tiny Windows dress is on sale! You've still got to get the Obscured Flora Dress & the Cha Cha dress though. They looked great on you! I had fun on Saturday. :-)

  5. Thanks ladies, we had a great time doing the reviews! It's like playing dress up.

  6. Did you ever go back and try on the smaller Two Wheeler dresses?