Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Copycat: Piperlime vs. Kohl's

I have seen many blogger lusting after these Seychelles, Get Outta Town flats so I was excited when I stumbled upon this copycat version from Kohl's. I'm sure that the quality is different and I know that the Seychelles version comes in different colors but they look identical to me. Plus you can save $45! Can't beat that. I may have to order me a pair of these or pay a visit to my nearest Kohl's soon.
Seychelles version here
SO version here


  1. I paid $16 for mine at Kohls!! Sizes are limited and probably almost sold out online...I had to visit 2 to get my size.

    Can't believe they are knock offs!!

  2. Wow, $16! I couldn't believe how much they looked alike too! Crazy.

  3. NO freakin way!!!!!!! Dang.....AWESOME steal right there!

  4. Great comparison shopping!! Fantastic!!

    I love your blog. I'm always so excited to find other mommy style bloggers!

  5. OMG! They look just like the Seychelles. They are sold out online now. I think I might have to call around. $16!!