Friday, June 25, 2010

OOTD: I Got Stripes

My shirt is a reflection my very 'green' day that I had: this morning a 'green' frog jumped out of my garbage disposal and almost give me a heart attack, then I sat at the traffic light to make a left turn and the freakin' arrow never turned 'green', I sat through three light rotations before I gave up and made my way back into traffic, plus it's payday so I've got some 'green' in my bank account.

Debbie (Dark Horse) and I are making a trip to Anthropologie tomorrow so all of the green I just put in the bank will probably be gone! So hopefully we will have some reviews for you tomorrow or Sunday. I hope our store has some of the new pretties that just popped up online. Does anyone know what day of the week the stores get their shipments?
Shirt: Tulle
Capris: Old Navy
Sandals: Born


  1. you look adorable in that green top, it's so summer and light!

  2. Love that tank top. Such a cute outfit. I'm excited for your reviews. Have fun!