Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This week in Mommyland....

Yes, she looks adorable here sniffing that fake flower but what you can't see is that lurking underneath is a nap-fighting little girl. Sydney has decided this week that she is NOT napping! It has made for some very grouchy afternoons (for her & me) lately. Her Daddy will call me in the afternoon and I tell him about how she won't sleep (but is tired) and how she's grumpy and as soon as he gets home she's all smiles and giggles. Makes me look like a liar! Believe me, I'm not making it all up. As I write this she is rolling around on the floor with her blanket but if I tried to lay her down, she would throw a fit so I have just decided to go with the flow on this one. Any advice from other Mommies of toddlers out there? Please!


  1. Have her take a "rest." My dialogue was always something around - no, OBVIOUSLY you do NOT need a nap, but in our house we always have midday rests. You are free to do whatever you like in your bed - read, play dolls, color. After a rest, I'll get you up again.

    Most of the time she would sleep, other times no, but she did manage to rest and was better behaved.

  2. Thanks, I'll have to try that.