Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This week in Mommyland....

So in our house we have 3 dogs: Penny Lane, Rita and Ringo Starr. (Yes, they are named after Beatles references.) Sydney and the dogs get along great. They've never bit her or tried to hurt her in any way. She lights up when she sees them in the morning and when they misbehave, she calls them 'bad dog' in a very strict and serious voice. She has recently discovered that she likes to play in their dog food and I caught her trying to get a taste a few days ago.

So I knew it would be inevitable that this would happen at some point: she picked up dog poop this week! I didn't know whether to scream in disgust, laugh or grab my camera for the memory. (I went with a combo of screaming, yucky, and then laughing.) I'm just glad she didn't put it in her mouth. Nuff said.

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