Monday, July 26, 2010

30 for 30 Challenge: Number Fourteen & Anthro Reviews

Dress: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Target
Sandals: Born
Bow Belt: Old Navy

Number 14 was obviously from our (Debbie & I) Anthro shopping day on Sunday. I think this was the quickest reviews/shopping trip we've ever done. We were outta there in about a hour and a half, that's record time for us! With all of the new sweaters and fall items entering the store and it still being 100 degrees here everyday (plus we usually don't even wear 'fall' clothing until December here in Florida), we had no desire to try on much of the new clothing. Sorry that I look half asleep in all of the pictures, I blame Anthro's crappy fitting room lighting!

River Tyne Tee, $68 (size L)
Gifted Skirt, $78 (size 12)
I really liked the rich color of this top and if I was ever going to buy it, I would size down to a Medium. My biggest complaint is that this top is so long. I'm not tall (5'6") but not short either and I just felt like there was too much material going on here. Also, the buttons are kinda awkwardly positions and I'm not sold on all of the draping. I think on someone with a smaller chest who's a giant, it would be cute. This would've been a dress on poor Debbie! Pass for me.

On the other hand, I really liked the Gifted Skirt. I needed to size up to a 14 to be truly comfortable in this skirt. Sorry I didn't get a better picture of it but it's really a cute basic skirt to have and would go with everything. Wishlisted.

Trickle Down Top, $68 (size L)
I spotted this as soon as we came in the door and I had to try it on. The color selection is lovely but I loved this purple hue. I really liked the top because I thought it helped downplay my larger chest. My only complaints are the flutter sleeves and that it is pretty sheer. I would have to wear a tank under it. Wishlisted.

Picture Frame Blouse, $39.95 (size 14)
Sale item! I've been waiting for this to go on sale so I purchased it while I was there with my birthday discount. Love the color and the cut of this top. Buy it!

Sugar & Cream Dress, $158 (size 14)
This is the item that I wanted to try on the most and I LOVE it!! I can't wait for this to go on sale but I have no idea where I'll wear it. The color is lovely and the print is adorable. No complaints on this one. Wishlisted!

Pinochle Skirt, $98 (size 12)
Mystery Top
I really should've sized up on this skirt because you can't tell but it cutting off my circulation here. The print is cute and the material is nice but it didn't 'wow' me. The pleating at the top (which you can't see very well) is just not flattering on my body type. Pass for me.

I did not see this top on the site and I forgot who makes it! Cut way to high for me and I did not like the sleeves. plus, there is too much going on at the neckline. Pass.

Mystery Cardigan by Sparrow

I couldn't find this on the website but I believe it is by Sparrow. They had purple, cream and green. The cardi is adorable. It is lightweight (good for FL), I love the two tone design and the little flowers on the front are adorable. I will wishlist it as soon as it hits the site!


  1. The Pictureframe Blouse is perfection on you, I'm glad you bought it! And I love the color of the Trickle Down top on you too - super pretty!

  2. I really like the trickle down top. And the color looks great on you!