Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This week in Mommyland....

My Hubby and I have always loved visiting the zoo. My Hubby is from St. Louis and their zoo is free and amazing but the Jacksonville Zoo here is great too. They have done a lot of renovations and expansions on it in recent years so it keeps improving. We used to be the only people there without kids; so it's nice to not get the strange looks anymore! My Mom got us a yearly pass for Christmas and now that Sydney is mobile she loves it. So we all went to the zoo this past Sunday and it was Syd's first time getting to ride the carousel. She always seems to be asleep when we get in that area so we've always missed it before. She was mesmerized by all of the lights, movement and colors and I was dizzy trying to hold onto her tightly. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it, no crying so that is a positive for me. Isn't she the cutest thing ever in that hat and sunglasses!

On a side note to all of you Moma's out there: why won't my child eat anything anymore?? Is this a phase? It seems like all she wants to eat is macaroni, applesauce and yogurt. And cheese.....anything involving cheese. I feel like she's going to turn yellow she eats so much of it but I figure that it's better than eating nothing. Any suggestions?


  1. hey, guess where I work? I'll give you a's in St. Louis, and you just mentioned it in your post. Haha, thanks for the (kinda) shout out - it really is a wonderful place, I love working here! If you ever come back to visit, let me know in advance and I'll see what I can do!

  2. I love the Jacksonville Zoo! We had a mini-vacation with our friends in JAX about a year ago and took our kids to that zoo for a day. It was awesome!

    And yes, your daughter is absolutely adorable in that outfit! :)

    As far as the eating goes...I'm kind of having the same issue, but from what I understand, it's normal. A lot of kids go through phases where they like this thing or that thing and won't eat anything else, but then the next week it's something else they like and they won't eat mac and cheese anymore.

    I will sometimes give my daughter (she's 3) a choice on what I make her but for family dinners, she eats what we have on the table or she doesn't eat at all. She won't starve, but she has to learn to try new foods and to be a part of dinner with everyone else - plus I'm not a short-order cook! I do try to make sure we're having at least something she normally likes so it's not all new stuff.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Do you live in Jacksonville? I'm from St. Augustine. The Jax zoo is awesome. The last time I was there was a couple of years ago. I need to take my kiddies there while I'm in Florida next month. I think it's just a phase with the food thing. My kids get picky at times. I agree that anything is better then nothing. It's definitely frustrating though. Hang in there I think it will get better.

  4. Ashley- we visit St. Louis all the time. Most of my hubby's family lives there. We have actually looked into moving there a few times.

    Melissa-thanks for the encouragement. It can be so frustrating at times, especially when we try to eat out somewhere.

    Lorraine- we live just outside of Jax, about 30 minutes away. We go to St. Augustine all the time. We love the Columbia restaurant so we go there a lot. Let me know when you're in town, maybe we could meet up!

  5. My son is three and a half and I echo what Melissa said. He will eat well for a day or two and then the eating goes to crap for a few days.

    I feel better if I can get a smoothie in him. I mix a banana, yogurt, frozen berries, a bit of fresh spinach and juice together and he loves it.

  6. She is absolutely precious - what a cutie pie! Sadly, I have no tips for getting kids to eat well...mine are on a daily vitamin, which erases some guilt ;)