Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Fashion Dreams

I created a few Fall fashion inspiration sets on Polyvore and thought I would share. Since it won't be Fall here in FL for awhile, a girl has to dream. I would love to have all of these looks!

What are you looking forward to most about Fall clothing? I love tights, plaid, tweed, jackets, corduroy, boots and all of the rich colors of the season.
Fall 3

Fall 2

Fall 1

Fall 4


  1. Sara, these sets are so cute! I love all the wonderful fall colors and textures. =) They don't call Fall the start of the fashion year for nothin'.

  2. I love that you organized your wishlist into outfits! That way it guarantees you already have ways to wear them...unlike me who always wishes for implausible, ridiculous things like sparkly sweaters and twirly dresses and things that I end up obsessing over, but when obtained, never actually wearing!