Thursday, September 16, 2010

More from the Anthro trip.....

Here is my OOTD from shopping with Debbie at Anthro this past Sunday. I got this navy skirt from land's End Canvas a few weeks ago (it reminded me of the Alena skirt from Anthro) and I love it. Great quality and very comfortable! I have actually ordered a few more things that are on their way, hopefully they will be just as cute.

Tank Top: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Navy Skirt: Land's End Canvas
Belt: Ross

Debbie and I both tried on the Kindred Spirit Sweaterdress on our shopping trip. Pro's are that the color is really cute, the material is light enough for Florida weather, very comfy and I thought it was flattering on both of our body types. Con's were that it is really thin (you can see my white cami through it) and the $138 price tag. Wishlisted for sale time!

We all know that Anthro's displays are always so creative and adorable so I snapped these pics of some of the cute decor at our store in Jacksonville. Love the cupcake liners hammered onto a piece of wood. Also, on the front side of the shelving on the same display, they had put chalkboard paint so you could label what was on the shelves. (I didn't get this in the picture but it was super cute!)

Also, these salt and pepper shakers are adorable on their own but sitting on top of embroidered paper cups makes them even cuter!


  1. AWW! I LOVE your shopping outfit! You pull off the belted look so well- I'm jealous!

    Hey I answered your question about the ON skirt on my blog- but I'll go ahead and write it here, as well. That cord skirt is on the shorter side, but with some tights I would definitely wear it to work, but I guess that also depends where you work. I had to pull it down a bit from my natural waist for extra length. But I loved it!

  2. Jenny, thanks for the skirt info! It looks really cute online but I guess I need to see it in store first.

  3. Your shopping outfit is so cute! I'm really intrigued by the kindred spirit dress now after seeing you and Debbie look so cute in it.

  4. It was a fun shopping trip Sara! We'll have to plan another one when more fall stuff starts coming out. :-)