Saturday, October 16, 2010

This week in Mommyland....

These pics of Syd are actually from last weekend but they were to cute not to post. I LOVE this strawberry dress I got at a thrift store in town; it's actually H&M but since we don't have one anywhere near us I was excited to find it. This week was filled with:

Lots of playing in the yard and chasing the dogs around. Syd has finally figured out how to 'really' throw the ball to the dogs so I think they are a little more inclined to respond to her now. She squeals with delight everytime they bring the ball back to her or when she steals it from them if they're too slow.

'Swing' time with Daddy; always a big hit around our house.

I think this child has gotten 6 molars in within the last 2 weeks and she has handled it very well. Barely any whining or discomfort. (So far as I can tell, at least!) She did eat the top off a crayon yesterday so there was orange crayon lodged in her teeth for a few hours. Crayon does not come out with a toothbrush very easily!

Lots of laughs, hugs, kisses and smiles, as always.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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