Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Working Moma: Feelin' Royal

I am feeling very royal today with my gold and purple combo. This dress from Land's End Canvas is so easy and comfortable, plus it was on sale so, yipee! I actually ordered a few other items (here, here, here, here) from their fall sale but I have to return all of them except the cords (which are awesome, BTW) because they were to big. I really am loving the brand though, the quality of the clothes are great and they are always running some sort of promotion. I highly recommend them.

Dress: Land's End Canvas (here)
Cardigan: Target
Leaf Necklace & Headband: Target
Gold Flats: Gap
Belt: Ross


  1. Cute outfit! I wore purple today too. :-)
    I'm glad to hear that the quality of the Lands End Canvas line is good. You should do a post about the cords! I'm looking for a cute pair.

    P.S. The girl that's modeling the cords on the website looks just like what I thought Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter books would look like! heehee I've seen her modeling on other clothing websites too (Boden & LOFT) and always think of that. Weird but funny! ;-)

  2. Very cute outfit! I really like the purple with that dress. It's a great pop of color.

  3. Debbie - I will do a post, that's a good idea. That model does look like Ginny! to funny.