Monday, November 22, 2010

A Night at the Ritz...

On Saturday night, my school (and Syd's school) had their annual 'Big Event' fundraiser at the Ritz Carlton. So I was pretty excited about getting all dressed up and having a grown-up night to ourselves. I scored big on this Anthro dress, there was only one left in the sale section and it happened to be my size. I was so excited when I saw that it was only $39.95 and I was telling the lady at the checkout how it was 'meant to be' and then it rang up for only $19.95! She was like, 'now it really was meant to be!' (I also picked up the Highest Accolades Dress!) I was so happy because I hadn't been to Anthro in like two months.

(My Mom made up do the cheesy 'prom' pose below!)

Dress: Anthropolgie Drifting by Dress
Sequin Cardigan, Purse & Headband: Target
Heels: DSW

I also surprised the hubs by getting up a room at the Ritz for the night. This was my first night away from Sydney ever! He was so shocked that I actually kept it a secret, I packed a bag ahead of time and snuck it into the car right before we left for the event.

This is us being silly:

Me eating the delicious chocolate that was in our room.

I told Ed the hallway was like The Shining, so he acted scared for me.
The chocolate loveliness that was in our room.


  1. Sara, you look beautiful in that dress! It looks like you and Ed had a great time, and I'm so happy you got this well-deserved break.

  2. You are a total knock out in that dress, and wow, what an awesome price to snag it at, too! How romantic that you stole a night away for you and hubby - that was really thoughtful of you to plan!

  3. Super late to comment, but I just wanted to say how beautiful you look in your outfit! It is perfect on you, and yes, that dress was truly meant to be. Your night seems so fun :)