Monday, November 29, 2010


We traveled to Alabama for Thanksgiving this year to visit with some of the hubby's family. The trip was a wonderful, much needed break from the everyday. It was so nice to not think about work and to just lounge around and chat with family and play games and giggle. (and eating too!) The only bad part was that in the middle of the night on Friday, someone backed into the driver's side of our car and it left a huge dent in the door! It's not horrible but it still looks bad.

The good parts of the trip in pics.

Our placecards for the table. Ed's Aunt and Grandma made them.

Syd and her cousin playing Elefun. You can tell how much they loved it!

Lots of drawing and coloring.
Awww. So sweet.

Road warrior!


  1. Oh no - sorry about the damage to your car, I certainly hope they left a note! I'm glad you had an otherwise wonderful Thanksgiving with family - your daughter is just so adorable!

  2. oh no! sorry to see your door.

    what a road warrior indeed!

  3. Such fun place the pic of your daughter looking serious reading in the car!

  4. Those hand-in-hand turkeys and the pictures of Syd reading in the car with her pacifier in are maybe the cutest things I've ever seen!