Saturday, November 6, 2010

This week in Mommyland....

This week Sydney's favorite word has become, 'NO.' Anything you ask her, the answer is a firm, no and she furrows her brow and gives you the stink eye. (I think she learned that stink eye from me but I don't want it directed at me!) She's 20 months old, what does she have to be so bitter about? I think her shirt here sums up her attitude perfectly, it says 'Wickedly Cute.'

Also, she has decided that each time I try to get her dressed, she is going to go crazy and start rolling around and doing headstands. She's either turning into a nudist or a gymnast, I'm hoping for gymnast. I think I need to get this kid into a tumbling class!

P.S. It's finally cold here today, I think the high is 65! Woot!

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