Thursday, January 6, 2011

Workin Moma: What a Feeling

Sorry for lack of posts this week, our whole household has been sick. Luckily we took Syd to the doctor last week and she's been on antibiotics and is doing much better. I still have a little bit of yuck lingering but my poor husband has walking pneumonia. I guess when it rains, it pours!

This simple black dress always makes me feel like twirling around like a ballerina. The material of this skirt is so flowy and dancer-esque. Takes me back to my dancing days....a very long time ago. Also, I love these shoes, the heel is the perfect height and they are so flippin' adorable.

Dress & Belt: Ross
Cardi, Tank & Tights: Target
Heels: Nine West


  1. Sorry to hear you've been hit with all that sickness - hope everyone is doing much better! You look great right down to those darling shoes on your toes - love them!

  2. Aww, sorry to hear you guys have been sick!
    I love your outfit. Those shoes are awesome! :-)