Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working Moma: Pretty Kitty

Sorry for the poor quality of this picture but it was pouring the other day when I took this and it was too dark to not use the flash. The rain is also why my hair looks like a wet dog. The day that I wore this to work like 4 other people had on animal prints. I notice that this happens a lot, we all wear the same colors on the same day. Spooky phenomenon? I guess that's what happens when your whole staff is comprised of women. P.S. I looked the cutest! :)

Dress: Land's End Canvas
Cardigan: Old Navy
Belt, Tights & Boots: Target


  1. You look so great Sara! This outfit is so stylish and well composed.

  2. I don't even have to see the other four to know you looked the cutest! You are adorable!

  3. Haha, Jan stole my comment! (Which is funny, because she left hers days ago...) I'm not surprised that you were the cutest. You look great!

  4. Hi!! I found your blog through the 30 for 30 list. I LOVE this outfit and am looking forward to reading through your blog!