Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday!

Happy Friday peeps! Did you check out my blog makeover? I'm totally in love with it!
Here are some instagrams from this week:

Sydney's favorite teacher, Ms. Anne. Today was her last day of summer camp at her old school and she will be going to a new school next year so I know she will desperately miss Ms. Anne. They share a special bond these two and you can see the tears in Ms. Anne's eyes in the pic. We were both crying and Sydney was looking at us like we were crazy.

Bangers and Mash from our fav Irish pub.
Homemade Nutella Ice cream. What? Yes I did!

Syd and her fav Care Bear. (It was mine when I was little!)
Playing in Mommy's shoes. No pants but she's got style.

Bridge I cross twice everyday to work.
The fortune from my cookie. Word.


  1. So sweet she has your Care Bear to cuddle:) love it!

  2. Love the bunting... and I will dream about that ice cream!

  3. Nutella ice cream WHAT?! Your daughter is incredibly gorgeous.

    p.s. I am in love with your little pennant social media buttons. SO CUTE.