Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meeting Maia Indigo

My friend Debbie (Dark Horse) had her little girl Maia yesterday and we went to visit her at the hospital today. Debbie is doing great (and looking great!) and little Maia is so precious! We were happy to be her first official visitors (other than grandparents) and we got to see her take pictures with the hospital photographer; she was so calm and barely cried but she did keep making this super sweet squeaking noise.

Sydney started to get a little jealous when I was holding Maia but she was very gentle and kept smiling at her. She even 'gave' Maia her Care Bear for a few minutes! Makes me miss that baby phase...those tiny little hands, soft skin, cute little noises and that baby smell.

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  1. So beautiful! I love babies, myself. =D Welcome, Maia!