Thursday, August 4, 2011

Favorite Toys for Toddlers

I am pretty picky when it comes to picking out 'toys' for Sydney. I generally don't like things that take batteries but of course we have toys like this that she loves, so you can't avoid it altogether. Since she attends a Montessori school, I try to buy things that coincide with the Montessori philosophy...lots of wooden toys and practical life items. One of my favorite brands is Melissa & Doug, their craftsmanship is amazing and reasonably priced. I would say that Sydney's absolute favorite thing to do is read books but that's a whole other post. Here are just a few of Sydney's (age 2.5 years) favorite playthings:
Step2 Water Table
We play with this water table a lot in our house. I keep on the back porch and it usually gets played with about 75% of the year since we live in Florida. Syd loves to pour the water into the spinning wheel.

Mega Bloks
Syd loves to build castles with these cute blocks. Plus us parents love playing with these too!

Memory Game
We just recently got her the original Memory game and she asks to play it non-stop. She always surprises me at how good she is since half of the time I can't even remember where the match is! I usually only do about 6-8 sets of cards at a time rather than the whole box so she doesn't get frustrated.

Wooden Puzzles
Wooden puzzles are all over our house. I love this shape one by Melissa & Doug but we also have animals, foods, etc. Colorful, sturdy and will last forever.

Wooden Cutting Set
Syd doesn't have this exact set but she has about 4 different sets of wooden cutting food all together. I usually get them from Target when they're on clearance. She is always asking me to 'have a picnic' and brings out her wooden food for us to share.
Baby Animals Puzzle Cards
This puzzle game consists of matching adult and baby animals. The cards fit together like a puzzle piece and Sydney usually matches these up at least once a day. There are 20 pairs in here and she can match everyone by name....I'm impressed.

Little People Learning Zoo
Lastly, Syd plays with this learning zoo daily so it's one of the few battery operated toys we have in the house. She loves matching and naming all of the zoo animals to their correct letter and sound. She also frequently plays with just the animals without the mat too.

What are your kids favorite playthings? Any suggestions for Sydney are always welcome.

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