Friday, August 12, 2011

Mama Says: Facebook

A friend of mine and I were talking about Facebook a few days ago and I was saying that some people post way to many status updates about EVERY detail of their day. Seriously, TMI. If you wouldn't tell me in person then why do I care to read about it on Facebook. I know this may sound pessimistic and bitchy but you know you're thinking it too. (For a laugh, check out Mama's Losin It's post on Facebook Updates I Don't Want to Read.)

Then I went on to say that I accept almost every friend request that I receive unless I really have no idea who the person is, but I was mostly referring to people from High School, College, etc. that I may not have seen in 10+ years but still like to be connected to on FB. (You never know when you may read some juicy gossip!) Anyway, she went on to say that she hardly accepts anyone's requests and that she is going to go through and de-friend anybody that she wouldn't speak to in person. A first I was taken aback by the comment and thought it was kinda snobby but then I realized that I was guilty of the exact thing she was talking about. I have actually seen someone I am 'friends' with on Facebook and not said a word to them.

This got me thinking about how sad it is that we are willing to be 'friends' on a social media site but in actuality, we may not even speak if we passed them on the street. I understand that there is no chance I could see half of my FB friends in person for logistical reasons but I am ashamed that I didn't speak to someone that lives in my own town. Maybe I'm the snob in this scenario and I need to strive to be more social in my 'real' life versus my 'online' life.

How do you guys feel? Do you find that you are more social online than in your everyday life?

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