Friday, January 20, 2012

Instagram Friday

I love Instagram Friday...I am seriously addicted to using Instagram, so much so that I don't think I've picked up my 'real' camera in weeks. That's bad. I need an intervention because I LOVE my Nikon but it's so heavy to lug around everywhere. Anywho, I'm super excited about this weekend cause I get to go see 'Wicked'! Last time it was in town, Sydney was a few weeks old and I couldn't stand to leave her yet so this time around I made sure I was gonna get to see it. (Even if I'm seeing it on the very last day.) 
 I-Phone Master. 
We wear cute shoes!
Pretty silhouette & sky at the park.
Taking her temperature. On her eye. 
Playing Ring Around the Rosy with Ringo. He was super excited. 
Yeah, I married that guy. 
Trampoline fun. 
Me on a good hair day. 

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