Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Paci Fairy

At the beginning of December we decided that it was finally time for Sydney to give up the pacifier. But this kid had a real attachment and we knew it wasn't gonna be a simple task. I mean she used to sleep with two paci's when she was younger, one in her mouth and she liked to hold one too. We eventually weaned her down to one just at naptime and at night. She actually started hiding them in her room so she could sneak one in her mouth when we weren't looking! 
So I decided to purchase the book, 'The Paci Fairy' by Melissa Burnett as a first step to paci elimination. The book basically breaks it down to the fact that when you reach a certain age, the Paci Fairy will come get your paci's and give them to a baby that needs them. Then you can ask the Paci Fairy for a toy in exchange for your paci. We read this book for several months in preparation and I would randomly ask her if she was ready for the Paci Fairy to come. 
Well, we eventually decided that it was time for the Paci Fairy to come. The first night was hard, she cried/whined for about an hour but eventually fell asleep. Then for the next several days she would kinda whine at bedtime and do this crazy cry/laugh sound and then tell herself that she didn't need paci's. 
That week, I told her that the Paci Fairy told me that she could pick out a toy for giving away her pacis so we made a trip to the store and she picked out a monkey doll that she sleeps with every night now. After a week, my husband mad her a 'note' from the Paci Fairy, telling her that she was very proud of her for being a big girl and that a sweet baby girl got to have all of her paci's. (See above.) She was so excited and went on and on about what a big girl she was now. We've been happily paci-free for over a month now! 

Now onto Potty Training! Yippee! 


  1. Brilliant! What a great way to move on in a positive way - I'm passing this along to my friends!

  2. Sara! Thank You for sharing!!!! I know this was awhile ago but I just caught your blog! Its amazing to see how our little ones respond to the book and the Sydney telling herself she did not need them anymore! Happy endings ~ that is what I like ~
    Melissa Burnett, Author of The Paci Fairy

    1. I can't wait to do this with my son and will definitely be buying the book. Fingers crossed it works! What age did you wean Sydney off? My son is 20 months at the moment and obviously won't understand the concept just yet.