Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY: PVC Sprinkler for the Kiddos

Inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest, we decided to construct Sydney her own PVC Sprinkler/Waterfall to play in on the hot summer days we have here in Florida. This was a super easy project and very inexpensive. I think it took us maybe an hour and cost around $10.
We designed the sprinkler to be 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide. 

Here are the materials we used:
(3) 3/4" PVC pipes that we 10 feet long each.
8 oz. pack of purple primer & solvent cement (glue) 
(2) 90 degree 3/4" PVC elbows
(2) 3/4" PVC tees
(3) 3/4" PVC caps
(1) threaded hose connector
Drill with 3/16" drill bit
PVC pipe cutter
Measuring tape & pencil
Time to cut:
2 sections at 5' (just cut the 10' in half) - sides
1 section at 4' - top
4 sections at 18" - legs

Start with the legs on the bottom. 
Put the primer/glue on each end of the 18 inch sections and connect one side to each PVC tee. 
Then prime/glue the caps onto the 3 ends of the tee'd sections. Be sure to leave one end open for the hose connector.
 Prime/glue the threaded hose connector onto the last open end of the tee'd section.
Then prime/glue in each side 5' foot section as below.
 Prime/glue on one 3/4" elbow to each side section.
 Prime/glue the top 4' foot section to connect the two side panels together.
Then you can drill in the holes however far apart you want them. We did one every inch or so directly underneath and then we added some to each side.
 Have fun!


  1. Hey now, that's pretty cool!! Super Mom!!

  2. Aw, that looks super fun! Hmm...maybe I'll try one too.