Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hair Help...

It's getting around to that time when I NEED to color and cut my hair. I always agonize over how to get it done and I always end up loving it either way. I love my hair dresser, she just knows how to deal with my hair which is a huge deal. I know many women struggle with finding the right person to trust with their best accessory. With Spring coming soon I want to go for a different, fresh look. My hair is already pretty short so I am focusing more on the color.

Anywho, I really like Rachel Bilson's new color:

I also am digging the deep, chocolate brown of Zooey Deschanel:

I have always loved the rich, auburn locks of Jenny Lewis:

My hair is currently a medium brown with auburn highlights but it looks so washed out. My natural color is a chocolate, medium brown but I have dyed it so many times over the last 10 years that I don't know what the color is anymore. Any thoughts?

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  1. Zooey was on Letterman last night, IIRC. She looked absolutely lovely!