Thursday, June 24, 2010

OOTD: Pretty Little Buttons

I waited sooooo long for this cardigan to go on sale and I was devastated when I saw that the website sold out of my size months ago. So I tried my luck the day it went on sale and called my local store (where I had seen a stack of them weeks ago) as soon as they opened. As you can see, they had my size and they shipped it to me pronto! It was well worth the wait for this baby! Oh, and it is like 95 degrees here in Florida but I just had to wear it anyway, I am willing to suffer for the cuteness! Sorry that my clothes are also so wrinkly in my pics, I do these when I get home so I've been sitting in them for hours already. I am just never ready early enough in the morning to take a picture. I'm sure other mommies (and non-mommies) can relate!
Cardigan: Anthropologie Button Bin Cardigan
Skirt: WalMart
Tank: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless


  1. the button bin cardi looks adorable on you!


  2. Cute!! Isn't it so soft? I wore mine a few days ago too despite the heat, but at least it's thin.