Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OOTD: Grey Gardens

I think my title is misleading, I wish there was a lovely, colorful garden in the background of this picture but alas, it's just my living room. I just couldn't think of a clever title today. (I guess my chair does have flowers on it though!) I like this grey shirt from Tulle, it's lightweight and it has pockets, even though you can't see them here and it has that adorable bow. My cardi needs no explanation, it's polka dots and therefore adorable in my book.
Skirt: Target
Shirt: Tulle
Cardigan: Old Navy
Sandals: Aerosoles

I just wanted to throw in this picture of Sydney and her Daddy on Father's Day. I was asking her to point to Daddy's nose. How cute are they??


  1. This is super cute! I love anything with bows-thanks for the comment on my post today, I bet you will get back into that dress. I just started doing weight watchers, we will see how this goes...hah! Thanks again!

  2. I like this outfit, especially the cardigan. I need to find some more short-sleeve ones like that. And Sydney looks cute too! :-)

  3. Very cute outfit today. Polka dots are the best. That picture is just so adorable. Love it!