Monday, June 14, 2010

OOTD: Purple Haze

Sorry for the somewhat crappy quality of these pics, I tried a different angle in the house and there wasn't quite enough light. (Even though you would assume there was with me standing next to a glass door and all, go figure.) I am not trying to be mysterious by looking away in this pic, I had just had a few fillings done at the dentist and my face was swollen on one side from being numb so when I smiled I looked like the joker. (Seriously.) So now you get to see the 'I'm to cool to look at the camera' pose today.
Dress: Target
Cardigan: Steinmart
Belt: American Eagle
Shoes: Madden Girl via TJ Maxx
How adorable are these shoes? A friend called them 'show shoes' today, as in I should be tapping in these babies on the stage. Also, Sydney was fascinated by the little ruffles on them, she kept touching them and saying something that I am going to assume means pretty.

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