Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th & Birthday Paty!

Every year my Mom and I have a joint birthday celebration because my birthday is July 1st and hers is July 4th, so we had the party yesterday. We had a great time with friends and family (my Aunt & Uncle surprised us by driving from Kentucky without telling us)!

I had to of course use the party as an opportunity to wear my new Tiny Windows dress from Anthropologie and Sydney was styling in her Liberty of London dress from Target.

I loved all of my gifts but I was so excited to get the Daisy Chain bracelet from Anthropologie that I have been drooling over, daisies are my favorite flower. (As you can probably guess from the pictures!)

Also, I always set up a 'fake' photobooth at the party and provide a basket full of 'props' for everyone to choose from. I have a ton of these to do but Me & Hubby always do silly ones and the next set is Me, my Mom & Sydney. This is one of my favorite things about having a birthday party! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!


  1. Wow! You look so vintage and adorable in that dress!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love the pictures. They are so great! You look amazing in your new dress. Such a good idea to set up a photo booth and have props. I'm going to have to steal that idea from you, if that's ok? Your daughter is to cute. Love her dress to.

  3. Sara, you look *so* pretty in that dress! It looks like it was made for you!! Happy belated birthday :)

  4. Ady & goldenmeans- Thanks!
    Lorraine- steal away. I have last years up on my Flickr stream and I will be adding this years tonight if you want ideas.

  5. That dress looks SO good on you! I'm glad you had a fun party! Sorry I couldn't be there!