Saturday, July 10, 2010

Late Anthro Reviews

I am just now getting around to posting these Anthro reviews from a few weeks ago. I am such a slacker lately. I blame it on the lack of beauty sleep. Here you go:

Scribbled Bouquet Cardigan, $98 (size XL)
I sized up to an XL in this cardigan because it looked like it ran small and it fit perfectly. I really wish this wasn't $98 because I would've bought it on the spot. It has so many colors in it that it would pair with endless items but I just can't pay that much for a super thin cardigan. But at the same time it kills me that it won't be back in stock until September online so that obviously means no sale on this baby anytime soon. Wishlisted.

Keeping Tabs Tee, now $39.95 (size L)
I was really hoping to love this tee when I picked it up because I love the whimsical print but it was a total failure for me. First of all it is soooo thin and secondly, that strangely ginormous pocket! The pocket is so out of place and it was so large I think I had room to put the contents of my purse in there. Pass for me.

Candied Dots Blouse, $78 (size 12)
When I saw this cute top in person I was instantly drawn to the colorful candy pattern so I thought I would give it a try. I am so glad that I did because I love this top. I think it is really flattering and the material is so nice. Since I tried this on, my Mom bought me this top for my birthday! Love it!

Raccoon Rumpus Blouse, $88 (size 14)
I know that some people think that it's weird to wear raccoons on their clothing but I think it's adorable. I really liked this shirt, the cute print, the subtle texture of the fabric, the waistband and the ruffles. I normally don't wear a lot of white tops (because I'm a huge klutz) but I would totally buy this on sale. Wishlisted!

Secret Garden Blouse, $98 (size 12)
When i spotted this blouse online, I thought it was so feminine and pretty so I was anxious to try it on. I really liked the embroidery and the cute tie but those ruffly wings on the top were just killing me. I do not need help drawing attention to my chest so I didn't care for them at all. Pass for me!

Tambour Blouse, $98 (size 12)
In person this top is very pretty, the eyelet and details are very girly and sweet and the color blue is lovely, just not on me. I felt like this top washed me out and it was a tad to long for my short torso, plus those sleeves sticking out on the sides were a negative too. Pass for me.


  1. You look so cute in the Scribbled Bouquet Cardi and the Raccoon Rumpus top! I love those on you and hope you can get them soon!

  2. Thanks for the reviews. I love seeing reviews. I really like the Raccoon Rumpus top on you. Very cute!