Monday, October 4, 2010

This week in Mommyland....

Well the weather here in FL is finally getting cooler and it's a lot more tolerable to be outside. After school/work the other day, we met up with my Mom to take a walk on the beach.

The sea oats are changing colors...Fall is on it's way!

Playing in the sand...I also think she picked up every shell in sight, broken or not. :)

Geez Ma, the suns in my eyes!

In her school shirt, our motto is, 'We Aim High'.

Love how you can see her kicking up the sand in this one.

Adorable, tiny toes. Notice the band-aid on her leg, she insisted on wearing one even though there was nothing wrong with her.

It was a beautiful day and we had to pry her away from the water every five minutes.
She truly is a little Pisces!


  1. Oh man, that makes me miss Florida. I want to go to the beach now. My mom told me today that the weather was finally cooling off there. I'm sure that's a nice break from the usual scorching heat. Your pictures are great and your little girl is adorable.

  2. Cute as a button - I love her pigtails and piggie toes!

  3. Followed you here from flickr. I was going to comment on the owl necklace you wore the other day but the pigtails in these pictures won out! They're adorable and your photos are great! It makes me want to stick my feet in the sand.