Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dreaming of Fall

Happy Weekend!
I just love fall, the colors are gorgeous, the weather is perfect and there are usually amazing smells to go along with it. I love for my house to smell like cinnamon in the fall, there's just something comforting and warm about it to me. Now if only the weather in Florida would get the hint and not be so flippin hot and muggy!

Another great thing about fall is all of the super cute crafts! Sydney and her Grandma started their first fall craft last weekend, painting ceramic pumpkins. Sydney was pretty impressive, she was concentrating so hard and was really meticulous in her brushstrokes. I love seeing her focus so much on something, she gets this determined look on her face that is adorable.

Look at her little hand gripping that brush.

Crazy face!

Pure focus and concentration.

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