Friday, November 25, 2011


We hope you all had a wonderful and tasty Thanksgiving holiday. We started our day off crafting for a few hours (as per tradition) and then proceeded to stuff ourselves silly and collapse on the couch while watching the Shrek Christmas movie. Sydney is obsessed with Puss & Boots, only she pronounces it Ace & Boots for some reason.
Puss & Boots was the first movie she ever saw in the theater (with her Daddy) and it went well except for the chair eating her shoes and her rear end a few times.

Bear cub..she really wanted that hat
Moms get to swing at the park too. Right?
Leaf collection from our yard
Zoo visit

At the park
Christmas crafting (more on this later)
The gift of meat...what's better? Ha!
Cupcake = yummy

That last picture was at a birthday party we attended recently where Sydney proceeded to spit out a half eaten cookie on the floor for all to see. I did not get a picture of that as I was to busy trying not to look totally horrified and embarrassed. Happy Friday!


  1. I crafted on Thanksgiving too! :o)

    CUTE little girl! And I adore that hat, so sweet! :o)

    Don't be embarrassed about the cookie! At least she spit it out on the floor and not on someone! ;o)

  2. So cute!! Looks like a great week! Happy Weekend!

  3. Your daughter is too precious and cute pics!!!

  4. Great pictures! That hat is amazing lol. Stopping by from insta Friday!