Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I/We Wore Wednesday

So we are having some weather whiplash here in Florida lately. Today it's like 60 degrees and three days ago it was 80 degrees! Truthfully I don't even know why I buy fall/winter clothes but I can't resist a good cardigan or a pair of tights. I think I have a slight cardigan addiction, I counted last night and I'm hovering at around 50. And looking back at my outfits, I think I wear a cardigan like 90% of the time. What can ya do?

These two of Syd & I were for our family pictures.
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Target
Tights: Target
Boots: Ross

She also had on a cute headband but it was soon discarded after the pics were done.
Dress: Target
Cardigan: Target
Tights: Old Navy
Boots: Target

Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Target
Skirt: Land's End Canvas
Necklace: Target
Flats: Target

It's possible I have a Target addiction too.


  1. We only look this cute on a Sunday! Congrats to you guys! Come check out my Old Navy sweaterdress. Proof that I only ever wear something stylish on a Saturday.

  2. i love all of these outfits, but especially the last one! so cute! and i totally have a target obsession :)

  3. I am obsessed with cardis too- I have way to many but love them all!